Testimonies and More

Joyfully Growing in Grace – Powerful information regarding personal involvement in the HRM as well as other testimonies, including wives and children of HRM leaders.

Doctrinal Resources

Ralph Woodrow Evangelistic AssociationMessage from Ralph Woodrow regarding the book “Babylon Mystery Religion” – Ralph Woodrow recants his previous teachings of the influences of Bablyon within many of today’s customs and beliefs. Many HRM leaders teach it is sin to have any participation or connection to non-Jewish holidays. Much of their teaching refers to the book “Babylon Mystery Religion” and other books based off of it. Learn more at Ralph Woodrow’s website.

Biblical Resources

Biblos – Excellent Bible resource which includes Hebrew & Greek studies, concordances, search features, multiple translations, commentaries, maps and so much more!

Apologetic and Biblical Defense Resources

Answers in Genesis – Plethora of information and resources regarding apologetics, history, science and Biblical knowledge.

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